We manage knowledge for justice in BC in collaboration with others.

Courthouse Libraries BC helps with navigation but we also strive to do more than point people in the right direction. We seek to help people find a path through the maze of legal data in libraries and on the Internet. 

Our role is about providing legal assistance, which is more than finding information but less than issuing legal advice. We also work to increase digital literacy, so that those we help are more confident and better equipped to effectively find and use legal information in the future.

We work to build skills and capacity for the modern lawyer, whose practice is more mobile, more flexible and more rapidly evolving than those of previous generations. We help the self-represented litigant to find reliable information they can trust and act upon. We explain the law for advocates, paralegals and notaries.

As a lead curator of legal information in BC, we are part of a network that connects the public and the legal community to the legal resources they need. We continually develop expertise on the needs of those seeking legal material and information, and address this though ways such as building the capacity of communities across BC to use legal information. We operate an innovative stream internally and externally that creates new products, services and approaches to curating, sharing and connecting legal information. And we collaborate with other organizations and parties that interact with the justice system in order to connect complimentary activities, improve efficiencies and push good ideas forward.