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LawMatters works with public libraries to enhance public access to legal information in all communities throughout British Columbia. Supported by the Law Foundation of British Columbia, LawMatters is Courthouse Libraries BC's outreach program for public librarians.

Our LawMatters program focuses on four main areas to help support public libraries:


Grants are distributed annually to participating public libraries to help you build and maintain legal collections!

Collection Development Support

Not sure how to build your legal collection? We provide libraries with a core list of titles to use as a guide for selecting and ordering materials. The list is evaluated annually for currency and accuracy. We are also available to offer suggestions and work with librarians to support local collection needs.


We offer training sessions to public librarians to improve their confidence helping the public with legal information questions. This includes how to use legal resources, the basics of legal research, and general legal reference skills.


We aim to build community capacity through partnerships which we continue to explore with libraries and other organizations. We work actively with Courthouse Libraries programs Clicklaw and Clicklaw Wikibooks in an effort to fulfill our goal is to increase access to legal information for all communities in BC and empower librarians and community libraries to provide legal information, reference, and referral.