DesLibris - DITA Reader mobile app

The DITA Reader app can be used to access the DesLibris collection on your mobile device. Follow these steps for set up.

1. Create your accounts

Courthouse Library BC:


  • Create an account in DesLibris by selecting 'Register as a patron'.
    • You will use the DesLibris login ID and password to access the DesLibris titles in DITA Reader.

2. Download the DITA Reader app

Apple App or Google Play store:

  • Download the DITA Reader app.
    • The app is available for Android or iOS.

DITA Reader app:

  • Open the app from your mobile device. 
  • Select:
    • Settings
      • Collections & Accounts
        • Canadian Electronic Library 
  • Login with the password and email address you created for DesLibris
  • Agree to 'End User License'.
  • Select Login 
    • From the drop down list select:
      • Canadian Electronic Library collection
  • DesLibris titles can be found as part of the Canadian Electronic Library collection.