Finding Precedents

Finding Precedents, Part 1: Finding Precedents Using CLE's Precedent Collection (5:14)

Meghan and Rebecca show you how to use CLE's Precedent Collection to find precedents efficiently using Meghan's client Ms. Ella carriage accident as an example.

Finding Precedents, Part 2: Finding Commentary on Precedents Using CLE Online (4:30)

Continuing in the precedent series, Meghan and Rebecca show you how to find precedents and commentary that work in tandem on the CLE Online platform and highlight how to work with different terms and filters. 

Finding Precedents, Part 3: Finding Precedents Using the Library Catalogue (5:38)

In this video, Meghan and Rebecca move their search for precedents for Ms. Ella to the Library catalogue to see what is available in print.  They'll show you how to structure your search for different areas of the Library and where to uncover exceptional precedents. 

Finding Precedents, Part 4: Finding Precedents Using O'Brien's Encyclopedia of Forms (2:51)

How to use O'Brien's Encyclopedia of Forms (a set of print volumes available at several Courthouse Library locations) to find forms and precedents, using the example of trying to find a shareholders agreement.