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The BC Plumbing Code is incorporated into the BC Building Code. The Province of BC offers the BC Building, Plumbing and Fire Codes for no charge online at BC Publications.

Print copies of the British Columbia Plumbing Code are also available in most BC Courthouse Libraries.

The Regulatory Impact Analysis Statements Act (SBC 1999 c.19) stated that the BC Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations had to promote informed decision making by the government and regulatory authorities through the preparation and use of regulatory impact statements, and make them accountable to the public through the publication of the impact statements.

What does that mean?

Regulatory Impact Statements would have been produced by each Ministry or Regulatory Authority that was required to produce one. Under the Act, they would have sent a copy to the Ministry of Finance to be placed on a streamline website for public information.

However, the Act was repealed by the Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act (No. 2), 2001, SBC 2001, c. 43, s. 16, effective August 27, 2001 (by Royal Assent), and the streamline website is no longer available.

How can I find them?

The Ministry of Finance would have only kept the regulatory impact statements that they originated.  However, any statements made should also have been filed with the Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) - the originating office - and likely archived.

Because the files are old, the OPRs have boxed up the files and sent them to offsite storage. Also, depending on how the files were categorized, and due to the amount of years that have passed, they may have been destroyed.

Try contacting the originating Ministry and request the Regulatory Impact Statements via a Freedom of Information (FOI) request. Please note that there may also be charges associated with trying to locate the files in the off-site storage.

Why did the requirements change?

BC began a regulatory reform program in 2001 by establishing the Red Tape Reduction Task Force.  All ministries were required to create an inventory of the regulatory requirements under the statutes, regulations, administrative policies and forms for which they were responsible.  Once a baseline was established, the BC government committed to review these requirements and reduce them by 33 per cent. 

BC then introduced the Regulatory Reform Policy to guide development of all new and updated legislation, regulation, policy and forms.

List of Dispute Codes - updated to July 14, 2021

The Hospital Appeal Board (HAB) is an independent, quasi-judicial administrative appeal tribunal.

Originally established as the Medical Appeal Board in 1973, the HAB hears appeals of hospital board of management decisions affecting permits to practice in a hospital (hospital privileges). The mandate is prescribed in section 46(1) of the Hospital Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 200.

Section 50(4) of the Administrative Tribunals Act, S.B.C. 2004, c. 45, requires that the board make its decisions available to the public.

Preliminary and final decisions from 1973 to the present are available on the Hospital Appeal Board website:

The website also contains the Hospital Appeal Board AB's Rules of Practice and Procedure and Practice Directives.

Rule 12 states that "Unless otherwise ordered by the board, hearings before the board are not open to the public."



A list of the current justices sitting on the BC Supreme Court is on the BC Courts page Members of the Supreme Court of BC and the BC Court of Appeal is available on the Courts of British Columbia page Current and Former Justices of the Court of Appeal. The site also lists justices who retired between 1996 and the present time.

The BC Provincial Court site lists judges by district.  


The British Columbia law reports list the justices sitting on the BC Supreme Court and the BC Court of Appeal in the annual volume for each year. These volumes are available in the Courthouse Libraries.

The annual Canadian Law List also lists the sitting justices for each year, including the judges sitting on the BC Provincial Court. These volumes are available in the Courthouse Libraries.

Effective April 2, 2007, notices regarding reservoir and production applications will no longer be published in the BC Gazette, Part I.

Reservoir Application Notices can be found on the BC Oil and Gas Commission's website.

Notices for other oil and gas activities pursuant to the Pipeline Regulation, BC Regulation 281/2010 and the Petroleum and Natural Gas Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 361 (disposal of oil and gas tenure) will continue to be published in the BC Gazette, Part I. (BC Regulation 360/98 was repealed as of October 4, 2010)


Real Property Assessment Cases was compiled for the B.C. Association of Assessors provides the full text of old reported and unreported property tax assessment cases dating from 1882 to 1955.

The unreported cases are indexed by Courthouse Libraries BC. Search the Unreported Decisions Index.

Decisions and orders of provincial regulatory authorities

Disciplinary decisions of self-regulatory organization

Court decisions

Newspapers/Industry newsletters

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According to BC Hydro in-house counsel, a notice of claim can be served to BC Hydro at the following address:

BC Hydro Corporate Secretary
18-333 Dunsmuir Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 5R4

Contact the BC Hydro general line to connect with in-house counsel if you have any further questions:

Precedents for set off clauses can be found in:

Statistics and statistical information on various courts and legal matters are available from a number of different sources. Some potential resources are listed below:

Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada publishes documents and datasets for many justice related topics under their Crime and justice statistics page. Includes statistics for

Juristat is an annual publication from Statistics Canada available for free. Juristat articles are included in the results of keyword searches on the StatsCan website. 

Supreme Court of Canada

Federal Court of Canada

British Columbia Court of Appeal
Provincial Court of British Columbia
Justice BC

The BC government also provides statistical information regarding legal matters through the Justice System Open Data Initiative.

Wrongful Dismissal Revised and Consolidated Edition by David Harris

  • Volume 2 – Chapter 4:  Damages, Section 4.36 contains a Periods of Notice Awarded Chart.
  • Cases are listed in a table organized into subheadings (General, Sales and Marketing, Clerical and Secretarial etc.) – position, age, length of service, and period of notice information included.