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After a bill has passed second reading, it is then referred to a committee for further study. In some instances, a bill may be referred to committee prior to receiving second reading. The committee may propose amendments, which are voted on when the committee reports to the legislative body in which the bill originated.

Current Committee Reports

Committee reports and proceedings are available on LegisINFO's individual bill pages. PARLINFO also provides a compilation list of the substantive reports of committees from all parliamentary sessions. 

Historical Committee Reports
Individual Print Reports

Courthouse Libraries BC has the following individual reports available within our print collection in Vancouver:

(1939) Report pursuant to resolution of the Senate to the Honourable the Speaker by the parliamentary counsel, relating to the enactment of the British North America Act, 1867, any lack of consonance between its terms and judicial construction of them and cognate matters 

(1954) Report of Royal Commission on the Revision of Criminal Code 

(1965) Juvenile delinquency in Canada, the report of the Department of Justice Committee on Juvenile Delinquency 

(1967) Report. (Special Joint Committee of the Senate and House of Commons on Divorce

(1969) Report of the Canadian Committee on Corrections; towards unity; criminal justice and corrections 

(1970) Bankruptcy and insolvency; report of the Study Committee on Bankruptcy and Insolvency Legislation

(1970) Mass media: report of the Special Senate Committee on Mass Media 

(1974) Parole in Canada: report 

(1976) Child abuse and neglect: report to the House of Commons 

(1977) Report to Parliament / Sub-committee on the Penitentiary System in Canada 

(1980) Child at risk: a report of the Standing Senate Committee on Health, Welfare, and Science 

(1980-1) Minutes of proceedings and evidence of the Special Joint Committee of the Senate and of the House of Commons on the Constitution of Canada 

(1983) Indian self-government in Canada: report of the Special Committee 

(1984) Report of the Special Joint Committee of the Senate and of the House of Commons on Senate Reform, January 1984

(1985) Equality for all: report of the parliamentary committee on equality rights 

(1985) Pornography and prostitution in Canada: report of the Special Committee on Pornography and Prostitution 

(1986) Parliamentary committees: the protection of witnesses, the role of counsel and the rules of evidence 

(1987) Sharing the responsibility: report of the Special Committee on Child Care 

(1988) Taking responsibility: report of the Standing Committee on Justice and Solicitor General on its review of sentencing, conditional release and related aspects of corrections 

(1991) Child Support: public discussion paper. Report of Federal/Provincial/Territorial Family Law Committee 

(1992) The financial implications of child support guidelines: research report
(1992) A renewed Canada: the report of the Special Joint Committee of the Senate and House of Commons 

(1992) Summary of testimony and recommendations received concerning Bill C-86 (An Act to Amend the Immigration Act) 

(1993) Our planet - our future: including a compendium of reports of the Standing Committee on Environment with index 

(1995) Federal/Provincial/Territorial Family Law Committee's report and recommendations on child support (available in regional libraries, as well)
(1997) Report of the Joint Securities Industry Committee on Conflicts of Interest

(1998) For the sake of the children: report of the Special Joint Committee on Child Custody and Access

(1998) Joint and several liability and professional defendants: report of the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce 

(2000) A work in progress: the Corrections and Conditional Release Act / Sub-committee on Corrections and Conditional Release Act of the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights 

(2002) Building a nation: the regulations under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act 

(2002) Government response to the report of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration: Building a Nation 

(2003) Cannabis: report of the Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs 

(2003) Debtors and creditors sharing the burden: a review of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act (2003)

(2004) Report on the prevention of miscarriages of justice  

Committee Minutes & Proceedings

Additionally, the following committee resources are available on microform in CLBC's Vancouver collection. These holdings are not comprehensive. 

(1984-1993) Senate and House of Commons committees 

(1986-1996) Senate committees 

Journals and Debates of the Senate and House of Commons

The PARLINFO compilation list is assembled from the Journals and Debates of the Senate and the House of Commons, the following of which are either freely available online or within CLBC's Vancouver collection: 

(1868-1900) Journals of the House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada 

(1970-1993) Journals of the House of Commons of Canada

(1994-2000) Journals. House of Commons of Canada 

(1867-1908) Journals of the Senate of Canada 

(1970-2000) Journals of the Senate of Canada

(1994-2000) Journals of the Senate of Canada

If you are looking for a report that is not within our collection, contact the UBC Law Library (phone: 604.822.9379; email: law.library@ubc.ca) or the Library of Parliament (phone: 1.613.992.4793; email:info@parl.gc.ca)



Bills - Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research by Catherine Best.

How a Bill Becomes a Law by Courthouse Libraries BC.

House of Commons and Senate Committee meeting minutes are available on microform from within the library and online via the Parliament of Canada website.

Courthouse Libraries BC

You can access the following titles on microform in the Vancouver location:

  • House of Commons Committees 1966-1995 (KP15 H6)
  • Senate Committees 1968-1995 (KP15 S5)
  • Joint Senate and House of Commons Committees (1984-1993)

While this collection is extensive, please keep in mind that it is not comprehensive.

Parliament of Canada

As of April 1995 committee evidence and minutes have been published online. They are accessible on the Parliament of Canada website. The process for searching House of Commons and Senate Committee minutes vary slightly, but each are available dating back to the 1st Session, 35th Parliament (although not the beginning of the session). 

Senate Committee minutes can be found from within the Senate portal on the Parliament of Canada home page. House of Commons and Joint Committee meeting minutes are accessible through the House of Commons portal on the Parliament of Canada home page.

Related: "Where Can I Find Federal Committee Reports?" provides a list of the individual committee reports that we have in print in our collection.



Parliament of Canada

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House of Commons portal



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Speeches by the Chief Justice and judges of the Supreme Court of Canada dating from 2000 onwards are posted on the Supreme Court of Canada website.

The Supreme Court of Canada library has a 2 volume set titled Speeches Delivered by the Right Honourable Brian Dickson, covering the period 1973 to 1990.  It is not available for loan but they will photocopy a specific speech on request.



Supreme Court of Canada Library

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On September 25, 2006, the President of the Law Commission of Canada, Yves Le Bouthillier, was informed by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, the Honourable Vic Toews, of the government’s decision to eliminate funding for the Law Commission of Canada (LCC).

Information contained on the LCC website, as captured on October 20, 2006 and December 6, 2006, has been preserved as part of the Library and Archives Canada Electronic Collection.




Library and Archives Canada
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Malpractice statistics and information on medical liability practices can be found in the annual report and various other publications of the Canadian Medical Protective Association.

The text of the constitutional amendments, as ratified by B.C., is reprinted in Hansard, June 29, 1988, p. 5571-5581.

See also Hogg, Peter. Meech Lake Constitutional Accord Annotated (available in the Kamloops, Prince George, Vancouver and Victoria Courthouse libraries) for an analysis of the political accord [1987 Constitutional Accord], motion for a resolution and amendments [Constitution Amendment, 1987].

Known as 'NRs', the National Revenue Appeal decisions were heard under the Unemployment Insurance Act, 1971, SC 1970-71-72, c. 48, between 1973 and 1985 by Federal Court Judges who were appointed as Umpires to hear such cases.

The NRs are numbered from NR 1 to NR 1285.  They have not been published anywhere and are only available in print from the Tax Library (see below).

To order a copy, one must supply either the NR number or the name of the appellant.  No charges are applied for this service.



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The agreement itself was not included with publication of the North American Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act in the Statutes of Canada (S.C. 1993, c. 44).  The text of the agreement was published as a supplement to the first reading bill only (i.e. First Reading Bill C-115, 3rd Session, 34th Parliament [1991-1993] ). 

Rules and regulations were published in the Canada Gazette, Part I (1994).

Online text of the agreement and rules of procedure can be accessed via the Nafta Secretariat website.