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The Privy Council Office website outlines the different types of Orders made by Privy Council.

Sources for obtaining UK Orders in Council

Consolidated versions (i.e. with amendments incorporated) of most public UK statutes, and their accompanying explanatory documents, are available on the website.

It includes all legislation from 1988 – present day, and most pre-1988 primary legislation.

Most types of primary legislation (e.g. Acts, Measures, N.I. Orders in Council) are held in ‘revised’ form:

  • Public General Acts of the United Kingdom Parliament (1801 to date)
  • Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain (1707 – 1800)
  • Acts of the English Parliament (1267 – 1706)
  • Acts of the Old Scottish Parliament (1424 – 1707)
  • Acts of the Scottish Parliament (1999 to date)
  • Acts of the National Assembly for Wales (2012 to date)
  • Measures of the National Assembly for Wales (2008 – 2011)
  • Acts of the Old Irish Parliament (1495 – 1800)
  • Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament (1921 – 1972)
  • Measures of the Northern Ireland Assembly (1974)
  • Orders in Council made under the Northern Ireland Acts (1972 to date) (effectively the primary legislation for Northern Ireland under direct rule, though in the form of Statutory Instruments)
  • Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly (2000 – 2002 and 2007 to date)
  • UK Church Measures (1920 to date)

‘Revised’ means that amendments made by subsequent legislation are incorporated into the text. Most types of secondary legislation are not revised and are held only in the form in which they were originally made.

All legislation held on this page in revised form has been updated with effects of legislation made up to 2002. About half of all items of legislation are also up-to-date to the present. For the remainder there are still effects outstanding for at least one of the years 2003 to the current year.

This act is also found as 6 Anne c.7 in some printed editions of English statutes.