Shared Services Canada Act

The Shared Services Canada Act can be a bit tricky to find, as it was enacted in section 711 of the Jobs, Growth and Long-term Prosperity Act, S.C. 2012, c. 19.

What does the new Act do?

It standardizes and consolidates - within a single shared services entity - certain administrative services that support government institutions, as specified by the Governor in Council.

On August 4, 2011, the Government of Canada created Shared Services Canada to transform how the Government manages its information technology (IT) infrastructure.

They are mandated to deliver email, data centre and telecommunication services to 43 federal departments and agencies. It also provides other optional services to government departments and agencies on a cost-recovery basis.

How is Shared Services Canada governed?

Shared Services Canada reports to Parliament through the Minister of Public Works and Government Services.

Under section 10 of the act, the Governor in Council appoints both a President and Executive Vice-President to preside over Shared Services Canada.

Are there any regulations?

Yes, there is one - SI/2012-58. It's the order made under section 3 of the act, designating the Minister of Public Works and Government Services to be the Minister for the purposes of the Act.

Are there any Orders in Council (OICs)?

Yes, there are a fair number.  They designate Shared Services Canada as a department, appoint the president, and transferred certain portions of Federal Public Administration.

  • PC 2012-960
  • PC 2012-959
  • PC 2012-958
  • PC 2011-1297
  • PC 2011-887
  • PC 2011-881
  • PC 2011-880
  • PC 2011-877
  • PC 1991-1965
  • PC 1991-755

You can find the Shared Services Canada OICs online through the Privy Council Officewebsite.

When did the Act come into force?

There is no commencement section within the Shared Services Canada Act, and as section 711 is not found in any commencement section of the Jobs, Growth and Long-term Prosperity Act, the Shared Services Canada Act came into force upon Royal Assent, June 29, 2012.

How do I cite it?

You can cite this act as: Shared Services Canada Act, S.C. 2012, c. 19, s. 711.


November 1, 2012