Courthouse Libraries BC maintains a subscription to HeinOnline.

HeinOnline is a database that allows access to provincial and federal statutes, historic and government documents, The English Reports (1220 - 1867 and Pre 1865), a large selection of journals including The Advocate, and in impressive selection of Commonwealth and US legal material.

How it works

Browse the database by category, or database name and when you find what you're looking for, HeinOnline makes it easy to print, download PDFs or email your results. 

Where to find it


HeinOnline is available on-site on any Courthouse Library Public Access Computer. 

Remote Access to Subscription Databases

HeinOnline is a part of the Courthouse Libraries free online library available to BC lawyers, articling students and notaries. To enjoy remote access to HeinOnline you must have a Courthouse Library account with remote access. 

If you don't have a website account you can visit registration to sign up and request access.

If you would like to ask Courthouse Libraries librarians to perform searches in HeinOnline on your behalf, please contact us by email or phone at:

librarian@courthouselibrary.ca / 1.800.665.2570