Lexis Advance Quicklaw

Courthouse Libraries BC maintains a subscription to the Lexis Advance Quicklaw database. This database provides access to a large collection of primary sources, commentary, law reviews, journals, quantums, forms and precedents.

Lexis Advance Quicklaw is available on-site on any Courthouse Library Public Access Computer.

Current subscription

At this time the Courthouse Library BC subscription to Lexis Advance Quicklaw includes:

British Columbia Practice

  • expert commentary that sets out the rationale, history and judicially mandated requirements related to specific proceedings

Carlson Personal Injury

  • Weekly review of non-pecuniary damages awarded in personal injury cases by courts in common law provinces and the Supreme Court of Canada

The Conduct of Civil Litigation in British Columbia

  • canvases commonly encountered issues like choice of procedure and parties, pleadings and discovery, trial and judgement, cost and enforcement as well as less common procedures and special issues

Halsbury's Laws of Canada

  • comprehensive collection of a full range of legal issues

Pleadings, Motions and Facta

  • documents from pivotal cases in key practice areas
  • includes motions in complex litigation and leading cases from provincial, territorial and federal courts
  • documents that were the basis of legal arguments used in recent noteworthy cases
  • examine how similar successful arguments were framed

    Additional resources

    In addition to the resources available to all users on Lexis Advance Quicklaw, Courthouse Libraries BC staff also have access to Quicklaw International.

    Quicklaw International allows staff to search cases and additional resources from the UK and other commonwealth countries.

    If you would like to ask Courthouse Libraries librarians to perform searches in Lexis Advance Quicklaw on your behalf, please contact us by email or phone at:

    librarian@courthouselibrary.ca / 1.800.665.2570