LLMC Digital

Courthouse Libraries BC maintains a subscription to the LLMC Digital database. LLMC Digital is maintained by a nonprofit which is the goal of saving the law.

LLMC Digital is available on-site on any Courthouse Library Public Access Computer.

LLMC Digital provides access to:

  • 1853 - 1865 Vancouver Island Acts
  • 1858 -- Acts of British Columbia (Session Laws)
  • 1876 -- Legislative Assembly Session Papers, BC
  • 1872 -- Votes & Proceedings of t he Legislative Assembly of BC
  • 1872 -- Journals of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of BC
  • Provincial and Federal documents from across Canada
  • US, UK and commonwealth documents

If you would like to ask Courthouse Libraries librarians to perform searches of LLMC Digital on your behalf, please contact us by email or phone at:

librarian@courthouselibrary.ca / 1.800.665.2570