What is the Family Law Picklist?
Last revised June 21, 2022

The Family Law Picklist is a drafting tool that can help with the construction of family orders in the provincial court.

The Family Law Picklist is a collection of DARS (digital audio recording system) codes used by provincial court clerks to refer to certain wording for a family order. By drafting your orders with the relevant number codes, the order can be recorded very quickly by the registry and may speed processing time overall.

Within the picklist different clauses are given a code made up of a letter and a number. Each combination will refer to a single clause under a certain section of the Family Law Act. For example B5 refers to “Inform Guardians” and reads “Each guardian will advice the other guardian of any matters of a significant nature affecting the child(ren)”. B5 falls under the Guardianship section and refers specifically to ss. 39 & 51 and Rule 18.1. If your order were to include “B5” under “The Courts Orders that…” then the clerk would know to add the standard clause with the standard wording into your order. Where it is possible to use them, these codes allow for uniform structure and wording in the completion of family orders.

The picklist entries can also be used as standard clauses which can be copied and pasted into an order without the need to refer to the code. If you are drafting your own order then referring to the picklist will allow you to use wording easily recognized by the court registry.


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