Where can I find a sample Appellant's Factum?
Last revised August 08, 2019

  • Appellant’s factum from the case Barclay v. The Queen prepared by Ted Gouge, QC for the CLE course “Suing and Defending the Government – 2006 Update” KN33.5.S84C65 2006.
  • Hartshorne v. Hartshorne - Appellent's Factum from the 2004 CLE seminar "Family Law - Argreements and Disagreements" KN172.F35C65 2004.
  • Appellant’s factum from L. v. A, H and P, a motor vehicle injury case, from the 1980 CLE course “Advocacy in the BC Court of Appeal” KN352.A38 1980.
Further Information

The Factum must follow a prescribed format detailed in the relevant forms:

  • Form 10 of the Civil Appeal Rules (see full list of forms here). The Appellant's Factum and the Respondent's Factum are available as Word templates.
  • Form 6 of the Criminal Appeal Rules (see list of forms here)

"Factum Writing for the BC Court of Appeal” (Verdict Magazine, Winter 2011, issue 127  p.38) KN380.A141V47.

Factum Library - The Poverty and Human Rights Centre: contains factums, pleadings and other litigation documents from selected Canadian Charter of Rights and statuatory human rights cases.

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