Grants & collection development


You can expect grant offers to be sent to your email inboxes annually, generally in late Spring. After reviewing the terms of acceptance and signing the letter, please send it back, we’ll send you a cheque and you can start the selection process.

Recommended books

Law Books for Libraries - LBL 2021 (June 2021)

Consult this curated list of recommended legal materials for public libraries. This list is downloadable and designed with labeled tabs for different collection needs (smaller space, specific topics, different formats).

Selection criteria

LawMatters Selection Guidelines (March 2021)

These are the guidelines used by LawMatters to select materials for the Law Books for Libraries list of recommended titles. If you wish to purchase materials not on the list, please use the guidelines in making your selection and forward your list to the LawMatters Program Coordinator for review before purchasing.

Retention & weeding

Retention and Weeding List (October 2020)

Retention and Weeding Guidelines (2019)

Legal information needs regular updating to ensure current and accurate information is available in your library. Need hands-on weeding advice? Please contact us to make an appointment with a Courthouse librarian from your region.

Free, plain-language legal materials

Public legal information and education organizations such as Legal Aid BC and People’s Law School offer online and print booklets and pamphlets containing legal information. These publications cover a large range of legal information topics, including Family, Criminal, Immigration, Housing, and Aboriginal Law. Online versions of these booklets can be found through Legal Aid BC  and People’s Law School’s respective publications pages.

Print copies of these booklets can also be ordered for free directly through Crown Publications. To order through Crown Publications, you will need a Crown Account number (Customer ID) and a Postal Code. If you do not have an account already, Legal Aid BC can set one up for you (see Online ordering with Crown Publications).

If you have forgotten your Customer ID and have ordered through LawMatters before, contact