LawMatters Books for Kids

We are pleased to announce a new list of recommended and approved titles for the teen and under crowd!

Introducing LawMatters Books for Kids, a list of sources meant to promote a greater understanding of law and how legal issues affect and impact our lives. You'll find it on our Grants and Collection Development page along with our other collection guides.

The legal system affects kids just as much as us grown-ups, but legal problems are experienced and understood by kids in different ways than they are by adults. 

Our goal with this list is to provide an opportunity for kids to engage with these topics in ways that make more sense to them – either contextualized in stories or written in a way that is more accessible than typical books you’d find on the Law Books for Libraries list.  

A mix of fiction and nonfiction, for ages ranging from infants to late teens, we hope you’ll find some good additions for your children and teens collections, or extra copies if they’re already part of it! 

Given that our focus has always been on legal sources for adults, we needed a bit of help putting this together. Thankfully for us, our colleagues at Courthouse Libraries BC’s regional and local libraries have worked with children and teen collections and graciously agreed to share their knowledge. Many thanks to them for providing such great suggestions and guidance!