Other training opportunities

Digital Research Tools

  • Legislative Research
  • Legal Research with Courthouse Libraries BC Remote Access Databases
  • WestlawNext Canada at CLBC: Using LawSource and CriminalSource
  • Lexis Advance Quicklaw 101
  • Quickscribe 2.0

LawMatters: Legal Reference for Public Library Staff

  • Family Law in BC from Legal Aid BC: An Introduction
  • Using JP Boyd on Family Law in your Public Library
  • Unbundled Legal Services: A new referral option for family law
  • Clicklaw: Introduction to Online Legal Info and Help
  • JP Boyd on Common-Law Relationships
  • JP Boyd on Divorce
  • JP Boyd on Property
  • JP Boyd on Enforcing Family Law Orders
  • Covid-19 and Family Law
  • JP Boyd on Family Violence
  • JP Boyd on Upcoming Changes to the Divorce Act

Legal Research for Journalists (2020)

Online Legal Research Course

Privacy Principles & Compliance for Public Libraries (2020)

Professional Responsibility Skills for Legal Advocates

  • Professional Responsibility for Advocates (2016)
  • File Management for Advocates (2016)