Webinar material

Bite Sized Animal Law Part II: "The Link" Between Animals & Humans

April 21, 2021

The Criminal Law re Sexual Assault/Harassment: A primer for civil lawyers

April 20, 2021

Employment and Civil Law Remedies for Workplace Sexual Harassment

April 13, 2021

Human Rights and Workplace Sexual Harassment

April 2, 2021

Overview of COVID-19 BC Gender Equality Report Card

March 1, 2021

Free Legal Services in BC: An overview of CLAS and APB programs

February 4

A Brief History of Pardons: Should Louis Riel be Pardoned?

January 18

Criminal Jury Trials in a Pandemic: International Perspectives

January 16

The Art of a Deft Direct

June 18

BC Gender Equality Report Card: An Overview

June 15

Challenging the Lawfulness of Searches

May 7

Civility in the Criminal Bar

December 2

Court of Appeal Criminal Chambers Practice Tip

May 12

Effective Cross-Examination

May 21

Effective Oral Advocacy in the Court of Appeal

June 25

Effective Written Advocacy: A Guide to Writing Persuasive Factums

April 30

Ethics in Criminal Practice

April 23

Ethics in Criminal Practice, Part 2 

June 2

Indian Day Schools

July 2

Indigenous Courts: A Cross-Jurisdictional Comparison

May 28

Indigenous Human Rights

August 18

Indigenous Rights in BC and Indian Act Amendments

July 30

Interrupting Bias: How Systemic Racism, Discrimination and Distorted Thinking Lead to Wrongful Convictions

December 10

Métis Legal Issues

June 23

A Panel Discussion: Navigating section 276 and 278 Criminal Code matters for complainant counsel in criminal proceedings

May 19

Protest Law and Civil Disobedience

July 29

Trauma-Informed Legal Practice

September 17