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CanLII Tips and Tricks

Lawyers and legal advocates are welcome to join this 1-hr interactive webinar on using CanLII for legal research. One of our law librarians will demonstrate how to craft a keyword search and narrow down your results using sample research questions.

Some topics we will cover include using Boolean search terms and connectors, search filters and sorting options, and new content from human rights tribunals on CanLII.

There will be a Q&A period during the webinar.  We also invite questions in advance. If there is any part of using CanLII that you have questions about, please send us your questions by email upon registering.

Participants in this webinar may claim up to 1hr of CPD credit with LSBC.


July 20, 2021


12:30 - 1:30pm (PT)



Gender and Name Change Forms: A how-to guide

A practical hands-on tutorial on completing name and gender change application forms for trans, non-binary and 2 spirit clients.  This two-hour workshop is aimed at lawyers, law students, health navigators, social workers, case managers and others who are assisting clients navigate the name and gender change process for provincial documents in BC (Birth Certificate, BCDL, BCID and Service Card).

This workshop will also cover the process for commissioning affidavits by video, and best practices for ID verification for trans people.  Our presenter will be lawyer Adrienne Smith.

Those whose work in an organization that qualifies them to apply as Commissioners for taking affidavits are particularly invited to attend. More info on that is available here: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/justice/for-legal-professionals/commissioners-for-taking-affidavits

Participants in this webinar may claim up to 2hrs of CPD with LSBC.


July 22, 2021


12:00 - 2:00 (PT)




More CPD opportunities

Archived webinars

Archived webinars are organized by topic. If you plan to review a previously recorded course for CPD credit, it is your responsibility to ensure that your review of the course meets the Law Society of BC's criteria for Approved Education Activities.

Legal research course

This course, which is eligible for CPD credit, is a series of videos that demonstrate how to plan a research strategy and employ specific research skills.  In the videos we show you how to use popular legal research tools that are free (CanLII) or that you can use for free at the BC Courthouse Libraries. 

Take the course (including self-assessment quiz questions) on the Law Society Online Learning Centre.

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